COVID-19 Emergency

Dear Customers, Suppliers and Friends,
In these days we have taken all precautionary measures to ensure all our collaborators the possibility of working in safety and guaranteeing operational continuity. 

Given the positive evolution of the situation, we decided to resume our activities, after communication to the Prefecture of Lecco, functional to ensure the continuity of the production chains indicated in the Prime Ministerial Decree of 10 April 2020, Annex 3 (as well as what is indicated in Article 2, paragraph 3, 12). 

All our activities will gradually resume from April 20. 

It will be our concern, together with our supply chain suppliers, to ensure our services to all our customers.

We remember you about the visits and the scheduled meetings at our office are suspended until the health emergency has returned.

In case of loading and unloading of goods in our warehouses, we ask you to respect the following provisions:
- Drivers must stay on the vehicle
- Should it be necessary to get off the vehicle, wear disposable masks and gloves.
- The author must keep the distance of at least one meter from our staff
- The stop must be as short as possible.
Warning: the absence of only one of the safety devices (impediment and operations) will prevent operations and the request to leave the company

Sure of your full cooperation, we send our best regards.